Outdoor Pursuits

Package includes:

  • Chosen Outdoor Pursuits activities
  • 2 Night stay in Luxurious Accommodation
  • Use of Outdoor Hot Tub
  • Complimentary Transport
  • All Breakfasts
  • Night Out
  • Optional: 3-course evening meal




Enjoy Outdoor Pursuits with Adventure Tours NI and have a wide range of different and some unique, outdoor activities to try! Why not give our new Outdoor package a go:

BANANA BOATING, INFLATABLE RINGS, KAYAKING & WATER TRAMPOLINE Enjoy a session of Banana Boating and also, inflatable rings which are both great fun and will determine who has the tightest grip and the best balance as you are pulled through the water at high speed. Also, try your hand at kayaking with qualified instructors on an open lake and for a bit of fun, enjoy a session of water trampolining too! (* All 4 of the above outdoor activities will be offered for large bookings; smaller groups will be able to choose any 3 activities from the 4 on offer)

With Adventure Tours NI, we can also offer a wide range of other Outdoor pursuits, should you wish to try these instead. You can select any 2 of the following outdoor pursuits:


A challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and the body. Walking or running, you will navigate in sequence between control points marked on a map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time!


A perfect activity for a hen or stag party! Your day will begin with a session of River Scrambling. This will involve wetsuits, buoyancy aids, plunge pools, helmets, rocks and of course, lots of water! It’s an active session, scrambling upstream and will offer something a bit different to get your day kick started. Afterwards, get dried off and enjoy the Big Beer Hunt challenge. This will involve the group being split into sub-groups and undertaking a range of challenges including Team Games, Archery and the Mountain Bike Obstacle course. Successful completion of each task will gain you vital clues and keys that will lead you to the BIG BEER STASH!


What better way to unwind than trying a canoe trail and admire in the world from the river. Depending on the level of experience, our professional instructors will determine whether you can canoe on an open lake or down river. Either way – a perfect outdoor activity to open your eyes to a whole new world!


Armed with digital cameras, you will divide into teams and compete against each other in a “Crystal Maze” style challenge, which involves solving clues and photographing the evidence. This activity involves practical, physical and mental tasks with a little bit of orienteering for good measure.


Why not try your hand at this age-old and ever popular activity. Archery is a test of skill and is a great activity to book for a group for a bit of fun, or even works well as a hen or stag activity, where you can get competitive!


This activity works well for groups of all ages and is suitable for hen and stag parties, youth and school groups, or corporate events. Stuck for a good hen or stag party idea? Then look no further – this package is something different and is sure to get the blood pumping. Just make sure not to look down.

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