Package Includes:

    • Firewalking & 2 Other Challenging Activities
    • 2 Night stay in Luxurious Accommodation
    • Use of Outdoor Hot Tub
    • All Breakfasts
    • Complimentary Transport
    • Night Out




This Firewalking Northern Ireland experience is one of our newest activities and the ultimate challenge of mind over matter!

Time to face your fears and focus your mind, as you undertake one of the toughest, but most rewarding activities that we have on offer. Walking across a fire bed of red hot burning coals with temperatures well above 500° Celsius certainly sounds daunting, but it is undoubtedly, an exhilarating experience. So why not take the opportunity to try this unique challenge!

Firewalking has been in existence for thousands of years. In its traditional form, it continues to be used as a ceremony for healing and a religious custom, but in more recent times, it also has a therapeutic use. It has been widely reported that Firewalking helps people to focus their thoughts, face their fears and boost their confidence.

You will begin the day with the training session, guided by a qualified Fire Walking instructor. This will build up to your Firewalking challenge. As you touch the coals and make your way across the burning embers, you will begin to feel that sense of elation. You’ll finish this fantastic experience on such a high and it will be a day that you will remember for the rest of your life! So why not give this brilliant new activity a go. Face the fire!

You can select Fire Walking along with 2 additional activities from the list below:

Arrow Snapping – Snap an arrow against your neck! This seems impossible but like your Fire Walking Challenge, we can prove it’s achievable!

Board Break – It’s the extreme Karate Chop challenge which doesn’t require strength, but focused mind! You will get professional training from our experienced staff to build up to your Board Break demonstration!

Rebar Bend– Rebars are the steel bars used in construction to reinforce concrete. As part of your challenging afternoon, you’ll achieve what you think is the impossible and bend these steel bars!

Glass Walking – It’s not hot coals but it’s an equally challenging activity which requires mind over matter! It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!

For other extreme activities, check out our Tandem Sky Diving, on our Air Activities page!

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