Outdoor Pursuits

Package includes:

  • Chosen Outdoor Pursuits activities
  • 2 Night stay in Luxurious Accommodation
  • Use of Outdoor Hot Tub
  • Complimentary Transport
  • All Breakfasts
  • Night Out
  • Optional: 3-course evening meal




Enjoy Outdoor Pursuits with Adventure Tours NI and have a wide range of different and some unique, outdoor activities to try! Why not give our new Outdoor package a go:

With Adventure Tours NI, we can also offer a wide range of other Outdoor pursuits, should you wish to try these instead. You can select any 2 of the following outdoor pursuits:

LAND – Climbing Wall along with either Team Building, Orienteering, or Archery

Enjoy a session of climbing. With both indoor and outdoor, professionally designed 30ft climbing walls, there are exciting climbs for all levels from beginners to experts. Learn how to belay, progress from easy to challenging routes, but whatever you do – DON’T LOOK DOWN! In addition, you can choose any one of the following:

Team Building

This activity has got so much to offer in terms of communication and team work trust and is also great fun too! 


Get on target and try your hand at one of the oldest sports in the world. This activity requires a steady hand and keen eye but mostly it requires a sense of humour and a willingness to give it a go. Our team of instructors to help get you going for gold!


A challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and the body. Walking or running, compete in teams to navigate in sequence between control points marked on a map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time.

WATER – Banana Boating along with either Dingy, Wind Surfing, or Kayaking

Begin the day with a session of Banana Boating which is great fun and will determine who has the tightest grip and the best balance as you are pulled through the water at high speed. In addition, you can choose any one of the following:


Why not have a go at Kayaking with qualifies instructors on an open lake. They will teach you a few basic skills and manoeuvres to begin the session and have you paddling in no time!

Dingy Boats

Why not have a fun filled session Dingy Boating! Enjoy the excitement of controlling your own dingy under the watchful eye of our qualified instructors.

Wind Surfing

Enjoy a session of Wind Surfing with our professional instructors, who will guide you through some of the basics and hopefully have you surfing the waves by the end of your fun-filled session!

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