Stag Night Londonderry Derry

For the best Stag Night Northern Ireland, head out with your mates to Londonderry/ Derry! Awarded the City of Culture in 2013, Londonderry/ Derry has all the best venues and restaurants for the perfect Stag Night Out! Here’s just a few ideas…



If you are looking for a Stag Night with plenty of Craft Brews on tap, then BLACKBIRD is the place for you! This venue has plenty of entertainment on offer, with regular Live Band sessions and fantastic music at weekends, so it is a great nightspot for the perfect Stag Night in Londonderry/ Derry. Chill out with your mates over a few drinks and soak up the atmosphere – what better place to enjoy your last night of freedom! See more on this venue here



SILVER STREET is part of a complex of bars, extending from The River Inn, into the adjacent, old cinema building. The River Inn was established hundreds of years ago, even before the Seige of Derry! It is Londonderry/ Derry’s oldest sited bar, with a liquor licence granted in 1684. This new SILVER STREET, along with The Cellar bar (aptly named as it is located in the original cellars!) and The Sung, means there is something for everyone so is the best venue for a Stag Night out in Londonderry/ Derry! 



THE METRO BAR  is located right next to the famous City of Derry walls. It’s central location makes it an ideal venue for your Stag Night Londonderry/ Derry! It boasts lively entertainment, with Djs playing a wide variety of music so sit back and chill out over a few drinks with your fellow stags at this great nightspot!


GRANNY ANNIE’S is one of Londonderry/ Derry’s most popular nightspots, so is the perfect location for your Stag Night out in Londonderry/ Derry! It’s a large venue, spaced over two floors so there will be something to suit everyone here. There’s live music downstairs and upstairs, a disco sports bar, so there is no better place to be for your Stag Night Northern Ireland! 

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