Stag Water Sports

Package Includes:

  • Chosen Water Sports activities
  • 2 Night stay in Luxurious Accommodation
  • Use of Outdoor Hot Tub
  • Complimentary Transport
  • All Breakfasts
  • Stag Night Out



Our Stag Water Sports programme is a great activity package for the perfect weekend with your mates! With a fantastic range of Stag Outdoor Activities, choose any one of the following Water Sports options:

Banana Boat & Canoeing

What could be better to kick off a stag do than a session of Banana Boating! Feel your adrenaline pumping as you wait for the speed boat to take off and then you’re skimming across an open lake. It’s a contest to see who will be able to hold their grip as you turn and weave through the water at high speed! To finish off, try your hand at Canoeing. Your coach will get you started with a few of the basics before you set off for an enjoyable session, paddling with your mates!

Banana Boat & Water Park

Start with your Banana Boating activity (as above) before you try something completely different for your Water Sports day! One of our newest additions, the Water Park is proving a very popular activity choice! Scramble, jump and dive your way across this massive inflatable, aqua park! It’s got water slides and lots of demanding hurdles, so will be the ultimate challenge of strength and resilience!

Dinghy Sailing

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or not, this Dinghy Sailing activity will be a great Stag Do package for you and your mates! Coaches will show you the ropes and teach you how to change direction using you sail so you will be maneuver your vessel with ease once you set sail on an open lake – what better way to spend an afternoon!

Wind Surfing

This activity is quite a challenge but the fun is in the learning and what better way to learn, than with your fellow stags! Wind Surfing on a lake will give you a head start as there will not be any waves to contend with here, so all you have to do is watch your coach for helpful tips and pointers. Hopefully you’ll then be skimming along in no time!

Ice Breakers & Raft Building

Time for some healthy competition on your Stag Do, Divide into teams and start your day with some Ice Breakers to brush up on your team work skills! With mind-bending games and challenging puzzles, you’ll be well warmed up for your afternoon activity session – Raft Building!

Sounds simple, but it’s more of a challenge than you’d think. Construct a raft which will ultimately remain buoyant on water, using only a few basic supplies. It’s more of a challenge than you think – you’ll not only be racing against the clock and your opponents, but you will need to think logically how best to construct your vessel so it will not fall apart on the water! Once the alarm sounds, it’s time to appoint your chosen team mates, who will board the raft and race against the opposing team to see who can circumvent a set course and return to shore in one piece!

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