Hen Nights Cookstown – Paula’s Hen Party

Nancys’ Hen Party – Hen Nights Cookstown

The time had finally arrived where Nancy had taken that step to hopefully be wed to someone for the rest or her life. This was unexpected and so soon. She had just left her teens and now she wanted to settle for the rest of her life with someone. This seemed to be quite a wake up call. None of her other friends had taken this step and assumed there was still time left in our lives for single-hood and exploring our lives and relationships before settling down. I mean she had only just stared college and was ready for this important decision. The boyfriend, Mark, was someone who had been with her since school and I assumed this might even fizzle out as she had moved for college. Now that the decision to get hitched had been made we finally arrived at the hen night. Nancy decided she would not spend it with cousins or sisters in case the Hen do proceedings would lead to embarrassing and compromising circumstances best forgotten. So having rang around all our friends I put together an available and willing posse of clucking hens ready to embroil themselves for hen festivities. Our target hen party area was the town of Cookstown. A place where we were comfortably unknown as to permit uninhibited hen night misconduct.

Moes Bar Cookstown

As it was the start of a night the first place we braved to venture was Moes’ Bar on Church Street. It was the weekend and people were there already supping the nights starter drinks with a light hearted lively mood. When we arrived in we basically stormed in with a flurry of load laughter and chit chat as the excitement of a good hen night ahead of us animated our behavior. Since this session was known in advance we all came equipped with our obligatory hen badges, pink L plates, hats and feather boas. This gave others the signal that a lot leeway as regards conduct should be allowed. The bar was decorated with traditional paneling however it had strong modern fittings and lighting features. It was a comfortable spot and we stayed there for the first hour or so until it was time for the nightclubs to open.

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Time Bar Nightclub

So we launched ourselves out of the bar and onto the street to head for the next den of inequity The Time Bar Nightclub we wanted as our hen night conquest. The place we had agreed to visit was the lavish, pleasure fulfilling nightclub Time Bar on James Street. So we went in and headed for the bar to get our selves yet more drinks to dowse our cares and enjoy a hen night of exuberance and bliss. The nightclub at this point was only starting to fill but it didn’t matter the mood our crowd were in, we didn’t need an atmosphere to keep us going. We were cackling like sparklers as we gabbed and joked our way into the night. Finally the night club populous thickened enough for people to brave the dance floor and we gathered our selves to jiggle and sway our selves to a frenzy. The nightclub was fully decked in the required laser and neon flicker to provide the full nightclub experience. This was a place one should surely visit on a weekend and was fully conducive to a racy hen party.

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Sense nightclub

At around midnight we decided to challenge one more nightclub. The nightclub we were going was one that had a serious reputation to anyone who visited Cookstown. If you had not visited this place you could never have said you had fully explored all Cookstown had to offer. This place was called the Sense Nightclub and I t is one of the best nightclubs in Northern Ireland. This place was part of the Glenavon House Hotel on Drum Road. We arrived in and as soon as we got there we all headed for, you guessed it, the bar. This nightclub was fully decked in very opulent and glitzy decor with quite a blingy flare. Again it had all the necessary lighting and sound requirements for a good nightclub experience. This hen night was going very well. After or during the initial drink the hen do herd stampeded to the dance floor and partied the rest of the night into oblivion. Nancy had fully enjoyed her night and I wondered if she would miss nights like these after her wedding. The night had completed and we all headed home in taxis after having thoroughly enjoyed our hen night.

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